Chaotic Good / Whitney Gardner
New York: Knopf, c2018.
256 p.

I picked this one up solely on the strength of that cover. Just look at it! So much fun. Who wouldn't want to dress up like a paper doll? I wish they'd sold this with it's own Cameron paper doll, including that marvellous donut print dress :)

Main character Cameron is a cosplayer and sewist who dreams of getting into CalTech with her costume portfolio. After a recent win for her costume at a ComicCon, however, she's being harassed online by male comic fans who don't think she's an authentic comic fan (quelle surprise).

Alongside this harassment, which she doesn't share with her family, she's just moved from Portland to Eugene, so now has a summer without friends nearby either. So her focus is just to sew up a storm.

However, she encounters sexism in real life as she heads into the new-to-her local... [read more]