What do you do when you are in an unfamiliar city where you don't know anyone, hundreds of miles away from home? Why, you find the nearest fabric shop, of course! This is exactly what I did when I was travelling to a conference in Chicago in May 2018.  I have been dreaming of going to America for a very long time, but for various reasons, it took so long for me to get there for the very first time. An architect friend who used to live in America once told me that it's the most beautiful city in the States (her views, please don't get up in arms!), so I was particularly excited to start my American adventures here. Spoiler alert: I loved it, though it took me a bit to get acclimatised to the 'bigger is better' way that applies to just about everything over there. Before I left, I did a bit of research to find some local fabric shops, but I could not... [read more]