Yes, it’s started- I’m already nearly halfway through the first 2 of four modules, and have learned lots about the new exams.  Tiring, but most productive.

I’m still waiting for written confirmation of the job offer so I can hand in my notice, but am feeling SO much better already- sleeping more soundly, no nervous tum from all the adrenaline, no headaches etc.

The term is winding down- GCSE kids are in their 2nd exam as I type, first year A levels are over, 2nd year A levels about to kick off.  In 3 weeks it will all be over, and with any luck, be starting my summer break a little early.  I’ve begun clearing out my cupboard at work already.

And so, what else is there to do but ponder and plan?  I’m unlikely to get much done over the next few weeks, but may manage one or 2 simple items amongst the trials of marking.

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