I know those of you who live outside London were disappointed to not be able to attend my all-day activewear masterclass in July and September, but I’ve got great news because you can now learn activewear techniques from me wherever you are!

Yes, I’ve filmed my first video class with Craftsy, which you can watch now!

I was super excited when they approached me at the end of last year because I actually love being on camera (I guess it comes from my Dad buying a video camera when I was still in diapers in the early 1980s!), but I just cannot stand the tedious time-suck that is the whole editing process. So I’ve never had enough patience to set up my own YouTube channel or anything, but being able to share a bunch of activewear sewing tips on camera, with the weight and experience of Craftsy behind me was the perfect solution!

This class has a focus on using a... [read more]