First off, let me admit that I completely gave up on my “Something old, something new” pledge by the end of the month. It got really hot, and I just wanted to wear clothes that I love!

may 22

May 22: Suki Kimono from Tribute Month 2017 and a Santa Fe tank from who-knows-when. 

I love this Suki kimono hack! The fabric has a very subtle metallic sheen, which makes it extra fun.

May 23

May 23: Comino Cap dress from last June!

May 25

May 24: One of my favourite dresses of all time, my Oona-inspired Tribute Month cocoon dress from last August! 

may 26

May 26: Jorna dress, worn much more than I’d expect in the year since I made it! 

may 27

May 27: Long weekend vibes in this combo of knit TNTs from 2015!

may 28

May 29: Back to work in my Sewing Life Cocoon Dress from this spring!

may 29

May 30: I promised myself I’d wear this Upton maxi in wax print before the end of the month! I... [read more]