Every summer, I make a bout...a gaumpty billion versions of the same top/dress. I get that summer's pattern down to where I want it, and then I just crank them out, with slight variations on a theme.
A couple of years ago, I made a shirt based on this pattern.
which turned into a series of woven pullover shirts, after I had refined the armscye fit.

You know the drill: there's the first, then changes, then the second, then more changes...
And I'm leaving out a couple.

This spring started the new one off.

with short sleeves and a new neckline.
Pretty much this shirt is the shoulders and sleeves of the previous shirt, with a new body. A trifle more width in the back between the shoulder.
And no buttonholes. 

I will go to great lengths to avoid buttonholes these days.

Originally, the * top had the semi v-neck. Which looked dumb.

So I picked it out and added seam tape for a... [read more]