I wasn't going to do a progress update on my Me Made May efforts, but I've found myself referring to last year's regularly for inspiration when I've been feeling a bit stuck. Whilst a lot of my clothes are different this May due to my measurements changing, something that is also noticeable in comparison with last year are the changes in how I'm choosing to dress. I feel like I might really be homing in on a solid sense of personal style! Here's what I've worn so far (blog post linked where item has been blogged):

Week 1
1st - True Bias Lander Pants, Papercut Patterns Kyoto Tee (without the ruffle) over a Closet Case Patterns Nettie Top, Kylie & the Machine Ida Clutch
2nd - Closet Case Patterns Nettie Dress
3rd - M7661 Trousers, Papercut Patterns Rise Turtleneck hack
4th - B6178 Culottes, Papercut Patterns Rise Turtleneck
5th - Named Clothing Reeta Shirt Dress... [read more]