The Westwood skirt is almost done [blog post already written, have some patience will you?!] and so it’s only right that I’m planning and plotting to get a nice big batch of stuff cut out ready to sew in the little bits of time I’ll snatch from my marking season.


Florals:  I’ve had this pattern for YEARS.  I bought it on impulse, then went off it, then liked it again…but it takes a LOT of fabric.  I have this outrageous tropical print which I also bought on impulse a few years ago.  There isn’t enough, so I thought I’d cut out some of the pieces in this bit of old sheet that used to do duty as a door curtain.  Might work, might not, let’s see!

This morning, at work, while my poor students wrestled with their first exams, I taped together several PDF patterns which I’d recently bought.  On ‘The Sewing Place’ there are a couple of... [read more]