I’m a firm believer in self care.

Whether it’d be meditation, taking care of your health, spending time with friends, or even simple pampering. Sewing, though, is on another level and I can’t recommend it enough for strengthening those self care muscles. To me, sewing increases self esteem.

Sewing Improves your Self Esteem. Learn my top 3 reasons why. | Vintage on Tap

In this post, I’ll be outlining how sewing has helped me when I’m feeling blue, and helped me through those tough times.

Of course, if needed please consult your medical professionals. This post discusses the small daily things that might have given me a positive boost and might be helpful for you!

Sewing Improves your Self Esteem- blog post for my top 3 reasons why! | Vintage on Tap

Sewing Improves Your Self Esteem | Vintage on Tap

It’s extremely easy to fall into a negative self esteem rut.

Whether it’s by feeling out of place in your own skin, life is just a pain in the butt, or even just the simple feeling of… blah. (Seriously, even just “blah.”)

In 2017 I went on a snowball journey of depression, and then the... [read more]