Okay if you follow me on Instagram (@Bad_Kitty_Corsets) you will have seen some glimpses of this skirt while I was making it. Due to work (what else?) I hadn't had time to take and edit some pics of me actually in it for this blog.

Cue a couple of weeks ago when I decided to give it an iron and get Sprogzilla to take some shots. Bad mistake. I recently bought a Singer iron to replace my old one. Not expensive and they make nice sewing machines right, how bad can their irons be? Bad enough to not keep a temperature or make steam. It is either glowing like the surface of the Sun or too cool to take out wrinkles on any setting. Plus my "cotton" wax print ended up melting, so obviously not cotton. Aaaargh! And yes, that is a lovely soft focus shot of my wheelie bins. What can I say, folks? I am on a roll.

Anyway, the last couple of weeks... [read more]