The Tropo Camisole, as designed, comes up fairly high on the chest/back. It’s really easy to hack the pattern to lower it, whether you’re wanting it to be a little more va-va-voom, don’t want the neckline to peek out from underneath another top, or just want to experiment with style lines. For most garments when you shorten/lengthen them somewhere, you blend the seamline on either side of the adjustment line. We don’t be doing that with the Tropo Camisole because we don’t want to change how it fits in our upper chest. Remember that if you’re sewing a bralette in your camisole you will need to make the same adjustments to the bralette as well. When you’re sewing the fold-over elastic onto your altered neckline you may need to adjust the suggested FOE lengths as you have changed the length of the neckline.

Tropo Camisole by Tuesday Stitches. Camisole sewing pattern.

For the straight neckline: Measure down the... [read more]