As a working mom of a very active 5-year-old, I don’t have as much time to sew as I used to have. When I do get time to sew, I tend to go for instant gratification projects–either sewing things for my standard sized daughter or reusing patterns that I’ve previously made. Husband and I had heart-to-heart about this a few months back, where he encouraged me to pick a project that I could take my time with–preferably a pattern that I’d been wanting to make for a while but had been intimidated by the amount of time/effort involved–something that I could really sink my sewing teeth into.

Ottobre “Iconic Black” Moto Jacket

With that in mind, I decided to tackle this moto jacket from Ottobre Woman magazine, which is a pattern that I’ve had my eye on since this issue came out last August. I sew from the kids’ Ottobre magazine for my daughter... [read more]