Sure, I’m hosting #SewcialistsLoveMMMay this April and May, and participating in MMMay myself… but come on, there’s always room for an oddball inspiration!

I’ve had Pynk stuck in my head for days, and it’s led my down a rabbithole of her other songs. I’m entranced by her visuals and sense of style, and it dovetails perfectly with my own goal of being more bold in my wardrobe!

(Skip to 0:50 when the song starts.)

And as outlandish as some of the fashion is, there is tons of wearable inspiration too!

  • black and white with a pop of red or pink
  • stripes
  • tailored suits and trousers
  • volume in skirts and sleeves
  • sequins and mixed textures
  • floral jeans (though I’d make mine opaque! 😉

Then there is more historical inspiration – both from Hidden Figures and her videos!

So… anyone else feeling inspired? I floated the idea on Instagram, and a handful of us were... [read more]