I’m really enjoying knitting my afghan in progress with Fishermen’s wool.

Endless rows of the knit stitch

The color of this yarn is brown heather. This yarn is affordable. On Amazon, this particular brand/color costs $9.76 for 465 yards. However, I’m able to purchase it for about $6 locally. I take advantage of the 50% and 55% coupons and snap them up at A.C. Moore. Quite a few of my purchased wool skeins cost much more and for less yardage! Fishermen’s Wool by Lion Brand Yarns is a new to me yarn. Yes, I’ve seen it for several years, however, I never purchased it until the end of last year. I haven’t completed anything with it yet… it’s currently being utilized in two projects.

Besides its affordability, I would also classify it as one of the ‘sturdier wools.’ I have found bits of hay within the yarn, which adds to it’s ‘rustic’ appearance, but I just fish... [read more]