When we sew garments, we’re sewing to fit our bodies. And that would be quite a bit easier if our bodies didn’t keep changing all the time, amirite?! For many women, there may be a significant change at least once a month. So Helena and I decided to discuss sewing for menstruation and menopause on our latest episode of the Clothes Making Mavens. We talk with Erin Van Handel of the sewing blog Sie Macht, who inspired the discussion with her post Sew with the Flow: sewing for your period. The three of us talk about garments and accessories to sew that might make us feel comfier during that time of the month. We hear from Erin Beauchamp about her successful quest to sew the perfect period underwear. And Barbara Emodi drops some humourous wisdom on the subject. Have a listen!

Clothes Making Mavens podcast episode 20: Sew with the Flow - sewing for your period and more

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