I actually made the black version of this dress a few months ago but figured blogging about a plain black dress may not be that exciting, so I whipped up another real quick, just so all of you can see the details a bit better.

This is the Wiggle Dress from Patterns For Pirates*. I also like to call this dress The Knockoff LuLaRoe Julia dress – YAY! Don’t get me wrong, LuLaRoe has some cute stuff and I own about 10 pieces but they are overpriced and half the time ill-fitting. Their leggings don’t fit me worth a damn, I’m in between the sizes and don’t get me started on the inconsistency in their sizes.

Anyways, this isn’t a LuLaRoe bash fest. This pattern comes with so many options it gets overwhelming. You can make a long mermaid dress, a short short dress, a two-piece crop top with pencil skirt, off the shoulders, full sleeve, etc. It’s really... [read more]