Several months ago or way back in 2017 I attempted to sew McCall's 7100. I along with several other sewists/bloggers had some issues with this pattern as instructions were written incorrectly in some areas.  I was able to catch some and others I didn't.  My other challenge with this pattern was not having the right fabric for the collar, cuffs and waistband.  So I bid that wadder "bye-bye".

Meanwhile McCall's made corrections and created a sew along that helped in the sewing of this bomber jacket.  Since I purchased a boat load of rib knit fabric from Fabric Mart last year, I really need to use what I spent my money for.  Sooooooo-I decided lets try this jacket again.

I think this pattern and I are not intended to get along.  I had real issues with attaching the pockets and ended up with a hole in the fabric seam allowance from taking the pattern apart and... [read more]