The Seamwork Camden cape, video walk through, with information on how to upgrade and expand on this great vintage style cape | Vintage on Tap


As a vintage lover, I’ve wanted to own a vintage cape for as long as I can remember.

Having a beautiful cape to twirl in, to feel luxurious and fabulous in… really, who wouldn’t want that?

Unfortunately, for years I convinced myself that buying a cape would be impractical. But then it hit me: why not just make one?


Vintage-inspired sewing, the Seamwork Camden cape with full vintage style | Vintage on Tap


Sewing a cape, inspired by a vintage cape from the 40s or 50s  is totally within reach!

Purchasing a vintage cape sewing pattern on Etsy or eBay can be an eye opener. Prices may range from a cheap 7USD (5£) to a surprisingly expensive 50USD (32£.) Of course, if I you have the option to sew your garment from a vintage cape pattern, I say GO FOR IT!

BUT– using a modern sewing pattern with vintage sewing techniques can sometimes be more reasonable if you want a retro sewing fix and may not have access to a vintage sewing pattern.


Sewing a vintage cape, the Seamwork Camden, with bound buttonholes | Vintage on Tap


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