I made lingerie! I never thought I’d venture into this realm of sewing, but I did and it wasn’t even that difficult! I think that’s mostly because of the pattern though.

Meet the Mama Bridgette* and the Mama Victoria* from Made For Mermaids*. You can also buy it as a bundle here*.

I forgot to take a picture of the top by itself, right side out. The above is a picture of it inside out. Oh well, you get the idea! For the top my high bust was 34 and bust was 36. This made for a 2″ difference, which put me at a B cup. I went with a C cup for a bit more coverage. This pattern is supposed to show cleavage but I was worried my boobs would fall out. The C cup is perfect. I also choose to make the racerback option. Putting the bra on I will say it makes my chest look a little bit smaller than I am. I think that’s just this style of bra though... [read more]