This pattern needs no introduction, as it's taken the sewing world by storm, and I bought it immediately on it's realise on Christmas Eve.  It's a PDF only pattern which I don't mind, and I happily stuck together all the coat pieces.  I lost the will though with the lining pages, and got it printed by Net Printer.


My fabric is a lovely wool/viscose coating fabric from Montreux Fabrics, and my lining is some black lining fabric with red flowers which might have been from ebay, but I can't remember.

I'm not going to lie, I had a two issues with this pattern.  First was the lack of lengthen/shorten lines.   The waist, bust and hips are also not marked, so this created a lot of extra work to find a single markable point on each pattern piece to be able to shorten each piece at the same point.  This was an issue for me, as not only did I need... [read more]