Hello curvy sewing friends!

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect pair of leggings for a while now. In this post, I’ll compare four different leggings patterns to find my favorite(s).

Note #1: For an apples-to-apples review, I’ve made all of the samples up in a compression spandex from JoAnn. This is their new line of Athleisure wear and I love it! This thick fabric is completely opaque, with great stretch (thank you, 18% spandex!) and recovery. You can use either side of the fabric (one side is a little shinier, one side has more texture), and it’s a generous 58″ wide. It is expensive $25/yard, but if you wait for one of their 60% off coupons, it’s totally worth buying 6 yards of it at a go! They currently have 5 colors, I think — black, gray, turquoise blue, coral pink, and (maybe?) white. Anyway, go get yourself some — you won’t regret... [read more]