I shared this shirt previously here and I mentioned then that I made a little matching Rae skirt with the leftovers. I've worn them each of these pieces alone--the shirt goes with basically everything and the skirt is really cute with a tee shirt or Breton top--today I've paired them together styled as a faux shirtdress!

This skirt was born of having too much fabric to just toss, but not quite enough to make the pattern properly; I had to make some adjustments based on my very limited amount of material! First, the Rae skirt has three views: a full mini, a regular mini, and a knee-length version. My favorite is the full mini, but I didn't have quite enough of my fabric left over to make that one, so I cut the sides from one mini and the center front and back from the other--I can't remember if it's the sides that are full or the center though,... [read more]