Hello Sewcialists! My name is Vicky and I am the face behind Sewstainability. You can find me sharing all my makes on Instagram (@sewstainability) and over on my blog. Today I am thrilled to be sharing my contribution for Stripe month! I absolutely love sewing and wearing stripes, I often like to wear a lot of patterns, so basically I consider stripes a neutral (Anyone else? Or is it just me?!). I love sewing with stripes even more if I don’t have to stripe match, and this is where my most recent make comes in – The Collins Top by In the Folds.

Anyone who has come across me on social media will know the whole idea behind Sewstainability is that I am turning 30 this year and at this junction in my life I am trying to live a little more sustainably. I could declare undying love for all the ways the Collins Top helps me do this – firstly, it is... [read more]