When you put an exterior pocket in a raincoat, you make a rectangular hole in the part that keeps you dry.
This is a double welt pocket. Peeking!
Helly Hansen rubber raincoat double welt pocket outside. 
The extra outside flap covers the normally directional inside flap, 
making a double door for your hand to go through, preventing water from pouring in.
Also keeps stuff from falling out.

And now that Seattle has downpours more than it has drizzle, staying dry is a key element to consider.

I love that red Helly Hansen jacket. I wore the first one out.

In making a new coat, I stole the pocket idea from the old.
The disembodied hand in a phantom pocket. Or, it's going in and down.
I measured my hand for size of welt. Six inches is not big enough for model hand.
The pocket bag is very big. It got smaller but if I needed to shoplift a couple of goats to go with... [read more]