Hi All,

This is the question I asked the hubby when I pushed all the volume to the back on this little lace number.  His response was "What?"  He was playing a video game at the time and was definitely not expecting me to waltz into the room wearing a lace cocktail dress in the middle of December (yes, I made and wore this a while ago).

So let's back up.  In January NYSewcialHour was going to be having a holiday party, and of course I knew I wanted to make something for this very special occasion.  It had to be big and shiny and most importantly of all, something I would never have an occasion to wear anywhere else. Sewing has opened up the possibility to have things I would never just buy for a one nighter. However it's a rarely used skill set, because quite frankly I don't want to make a whole closet full of clothes that will compete for that... [read more]