Since I’ve been on a quest to find all the sewing picture books in existence, I figured I should find all the knitting picture books too! Maybe you have a munchkin of your own and want ideas for books to get from the library or maybe you’re looking for gift ideas for the kiddos of your friends and family. These are all books about knitting that I’ve found and would recommend! (Want even more ideas for kids of textile lovers? Check out my list of sewing picture books!)

Noodle’s Knitting is a cute tale of a mouse who gets so into her knitting that she end ups knitting a scarf long enough to make a winter nest for her and her friends frog, hedgehog, and squirrel. Best part: The pages are flocked so all the yarn is a little fuzzy!

Annie Hoot and the Knitting Extravaganza follows a lovable owl who knits her way around the world while trying to find appreciative... [read more]