Vogue 1415, Tom and Linda Platt tunic

SWAP 2018 #1

Cut from a red stretch velvet remnant which limited the length of both bodice and sleeves [which is fine, I’m 5’3″ and despite having monkey arms, like my sleeves a tad short]  The velvet was originally purchased to make a Xmas nightshirt for my daughter a couple of years ago- I got it at Birmingham Rag Market, cheap as chips. [About £3/m I think]

This is meant to be made in a woven fabric, cut on the bias, but this slinky jersey didn’t need it.  Cut to the demands of the fabric it’s probably between a 16 and 18, I don’t fuss overmuch when working with stretch.

This should have been a VERY fast make, so of course the overlocker decided to go loopy on me [geddit?] and had to be re-threaded three times before it deigned to stitch.  It does this from time to time.  I swore.

no shoulder seams, the shoulder shaping... [read more]