Howdy friends!

I’m happy to share one of my favorite projects of 2017!  Yeah, I’m a bit behind on blogging, but slowly and surely I will get the projects that I’ve been making up on my blog.  I completed this blouse about 3 months ago, with about a month of embroidery on it.  Granted, I didn’t work on this continuously — just when I was doing “nothing”, like on long drives or whilst watching TV, because I always have to be doing something with my hands.

*Portions of this post originally appeared on the Cali Fabrics blog*

I love to take plain fabrics and transform them into something unique. This blouse was just a simple white cotton lawn before I embroidered it. Now, it’s a bespoke beauty showcasing my love of our state flower — the California Poppy.  For this project, I used a vintage 1949 McCall’s pattern. First, I re-sized the pattern to fit me using the slash... [read more]