The Toaster Sweater
Version 1
Size: Small

1 5/8 yards of gray fleece
Gray serger thread cones

All last week the South was blanketed with below-normal freezing temperatures.  When I mean freezing, I am talking 15F (-9C) in Louisiana.  That is 20 degrees F lower that average.   Cold weather had me reaching for warm clothes only to be reminded that I am lacking. After making my first Toaster sweater and still inspired by Meg, I wanted another Toaster Sweater.  Opting for the full Toaster effect and in an effort to stay get warm, I printed Version 1 and set to the task.
This sew was a cinch -- all done on my serger (Man -- I love how fast the serger zips through seams! Very satisfying!).  Over the course of three evenings, I dealt with the pattern, then I prepped fabric and cut -- by the end of the third evening I had a new sweater. ... [read more]