Instagram tells me that I started this Sewaholic Rae Skirt on the 19th August 2016 and I just finished it this weekend - so that's oh, 15 months? Talk about slow sewing!

I have no idea why I gave up before last summer but it seems like a dumb move on my part as I think it would have been a useful addition to the wardrobe, and I could've also taken it to Vietnam with me.  

I think I decided making the waistband casing for the elastic was a pain, and then I always stumble with elastic (finding the right kind that's soft and comfy, making sure it's *just* the right length. I thought the Chambray (bought from Tessuti Fabrics) would be too poufy but I think it's ok now that I see it on myself (with my #simplicity1366 top in a knit). Also, please note this is NOT A KNIT. 

This is a fairly simple sew, aimed at beginners as it's sans nasty zippers and button holes.... [read more]