StyleArc Ziggi jacket #3

Good news or bad news?

Bad first I think:

I basted in a sleeve and [fortunately] checked it on the missus.  Eeek.  As I’d taken some bodice width out under the arm, I knew some would have to go from the sleeve, so took a stab [this is me you know] and pinched some out at the back sleeve seam. Remember, this is a 2 part sleeve, not as simple as taking some out at the underarm of course.

It looked CRAP.  For some reason, this resulted in loads of excess fabric at the front armscye [can’t work out why] and the counter-intuitive result that she can’t move her arm much across the body.

Back to the drawing board.  After much thought, I think the only way I can do this would be

[a] recut the under sleeve completely, folding out a little at the centre,  This is unlikely, as I don’t think I have any of the fabric left.  I will hunt for a while... [read more]