Um, did I say in my last post that I wouldn’t actually use presets myself? I stand corrected. I had these lackluster photos sitting around for weeks, and when I finally sat down to edit them, I thought, “Ok, let’s see if a preset can help!”

Style Arc Olivia

Top left is my original photo – I’d tweaked the colour and exposure a bit, but it seems a bit flat. Everything else: a whole bunch of presets! I can’t actually tell which is the one I picked to apply to the other pictures… I think it might be the top right?

I ended up choosing a preset called “High Contrast” which literally just adds more contrast! When I edit photos, I might put the contrast up to 5 or 10, but this set it much higher at 50. That means the lights are lighter, the darks darker, and the mid tones are less prominent. It did wash out my skin tone and jeans a bit, so I used the brush tool to lighten... [read more]