Viscose jersey in a crazy red leopard print, matched to Vogue 1552, a Sandra Betzina design.  I’m really falling for these drapey voluminous dresses lately, and I’d indulged in the pattern a few weeks ago…then MyFabrics sent me a voucher, so I splurged on 2.5m of this mad print.  The voucher basically offset the postage costs and a bit more, so the whole thing comes in at just £24.  I’m happy with that!

It’s a very easy pattern, I made it even easier by omitting the pointless back seam [no shaping, so why bother?]  Front, back, sleeves, collar.  Done.  I sewed it up in an hour.  The pattern image looks to be just below knee length, but I’ve kept it as per the pattern, no shortening [I usually have to lop off a couple of inches, but hey, why bother?]  I was going to go with the contrast collar and sleeves…but why skimp on the insanity of red leopard?

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