Yet another Vogue 1410, by Lynn Mizono.  I think this is number five.  Here are two of the earlier versions, in silk and linen.  I don’t bother shortening them to suit my height, I just let them skim my ankles.

Such an easy dress to make, even easier to wear.  I don’t bother putting the buttons and loops inside any more, I’ve only ever worn any of them tunic length a couple of times.  I wear these as is in the summer, and layer over t-shirts for the rest of the year [11.5 months, or thereabouts].

I fancied making a cheery summer maxi when I cut this one out…but only just finished it, as there has been no summer at all this year, just rain and gloom.  Ah well.  It should brighten the darker months up no end.

A fairly quick make, I don’t look at the instructions for these any more.  The fabric is beautiful, extremely soft drapey... [read more]