Who We Are (6)

Today it’s time to hear from the sewists in our community who are near or over 50. Here’s what they said!


Brenda, who blogs at https://flatterpatter.blog/, says:

I’ve been sewing a long time —since I was a child — and I took a break from 30ish to 40ish years old. Before 30, I sewed to save money. After that, the discount stores (such as Ross Dress for Less) and Land’s End carried clothes I wanted to wear and fit me.

Then, after 40, I didn’t like the fit of store-bought clothing any more. Additionally, my local culture influences my choices. I live in the Pacific Northwest (of the US) and teach at a community college. The dress code typically skews toward relaxed and sporty, but a lot of clothes I could buy were either too sporty (boxy T-shirt, boxy knit skirt) or too dressy (sheath dress) or, again, didn’t fit. Also, I like natural fibers, and a lot... [read more]