I’m a oxford shirt sewing expert.  Not really, but I felt like it when I finished my husband’s second (but first wearable) Fairfield Button-up.  The Fairfield Button-up is your classic men’s oxford shirt right down to the flat-felled seams.

I was, and am still, so excited with how this turned out.  No, it’s not perfect, but it looks pretty dang good, if I do say so myself.  This is my second men’s button-up pattern to try and it is far superior to the first one I tried.  Basically, if you have a bad feeling about the pattern when you’re taping it together, it’s probably best just not to waste your time like I did.  Believe me.

Side note: Oliver and S recently came out with a classic men’s shirt. Maybe I’ll try that pattern as well and then do a comparison post in the future and actually reveal the major fails that were my first... [read more]