Oh eBay, my nemesis.  Another parasol had caught my eye before I’d even finished the green one.  No more after this, I promise!

Here are the pics from eBay:

The fabric is in better repair than either of the others, BUT there is still a rip along one fold, and several others are looking very, very fragile.  So it’s all got to go.  I itched for hours after unpacking it, so it’s full of dust [and probably mites I suppose]

The tassel has had it but I should be able to save the rest.  Because of the age [probably 1920s] I do like to try to keep the look of the original, and decided to browse some vintage saris on eBay.  One arrived to day, and it’s lovely.  I think the pattern will lend itself beautifully to this project.

There’s a second sari also on the way, I’ll decide how to proceed once it arrives.  I may be able to use both…