Hi Sewcialists!

My name is Meris of The Fabric Alchemist. I’ve been sewing cosplay costumes and clothing for the past seven years.

Meris Portrait
Me, in and out of cosplay

I’m a long time follower and hashtag user of the Sewcialist Community. I am excited to be part of the August Inspiration Month blog team so I can tell you about a Sewcialist and friend who initially inspired me to try my hand at sewing back in 2010.

Morgan of Crab & Bee

Many of you already know and follow Morgan on her blog Crab & Bee. I don’t think I need to convince you of her talents and inspiring nature, but at least let me tell you my story.

Appropriately, this story begins with a Facebook post.

Morgan and I went to college together, so we knew each other in the real world but weren’t in regular contact post-graduation. Then one day she shared a blog post about a dress she had... [read more]