SILK!  Silk in all its forms. [yes I know, silk is the fibre, not the fabric, but bear with me]  I love it.  The smell, the sound, the shine.  Yum.

My wedding dress in silk chiffon and georgette

Silk/cotton ‘armistice’ blouse and skirt

Wild silk Vogue 1410, Lynn Mizono [I love this pattern so much, I have 4 which I wear in rotation, and one more on the cutting table…]

Wild silk and silk organza asymmetrical skirt, inspired by the Dogstar ‘Six Napoleon’ dress.

sewing stuff 015

Silk dupion corset, Laughing Moon ‘Silverado’.  This is leftover fabric from my wife’s wedding dress


Silk dupion corset, Truly Victorian #E01corset-tv-e01

Silk dupion Truly Victorian 1894 shirtwaist

My two restored silk parasols

sewing stuff 006

Yup- sorry little silkworms, I really do love silk!