WARNING- terrible pirate puns ahead!

I bought this pattern on impulse [Simplicity 8285].  Lots of steampunks ‘do’ pirate looks, usually with the [fairly thin] reasoning that if we’re all travelling about by airship, there must be airship pirates too.  [Why do you think we need all those goggles?  Hmmm?  Steam trains and airships of course]

I’d bought the fabric on impulse too, while roaming the rag market some months ago.  It JUMPED OUT and forced me to buy it.  It’s definitely only ‘costume quality’, a rather plasticky taffeta, with flocked pattern, cheap and cheerful.  The taffeta turned out to be so plasticky, it wrecked my new microtex needle in just one project… I had to hastily change it when I switched to stitching some fine silk straight afterwards and got lots of snags.

Pirate grammar Nazi- oh yes

Now this pattern is meant to be a... [read more]