I was looking for another set of photos when I fell on these. 
Remember the shirtdress sewalong in 2016?

This was mine.
A buck a pattern is my kryptonite. Still haven't sewn that backpack

Well, of course it's A Dress.

My choice was to run a panel down the center. 

Of course I have sketches. I've had a sketchbook in my other hand for ....I'm 58, ....48 years? Probably longer. And as ever, you can click on the photos to make them bigger.

I copied the pattern piece diagram because I'm lazy and I can.

The fabrics are by Julie Paschkis, for 'In The Beginning',  the Oceanica fabrics.
She writes about her process of designing fabrics, and the timing of it, in her blog. She is a generous soul, worth your attention.
from Loomshowroom, the fabric is now out of print.

I had the great honor of taking an illustration workshop with her some years ago, and I... [read more]