Let me introduce you to my Squamingos (squandered flamingos). You all were so helpful in suggesting how to use this fabric so I didn’t turn out looking like a 7 year old, so I did feel a bit of pressure to come back to you with something great. (Thanks for the advice; you also inspired me to try the Wanted T-shirt by Vanessa Pouzet, which I’ll show you soon in another post.) But it seems this T-shirt I made using this squee-worthy flamingo fabric I bought at Stoff & Stil in Berlin turned out a little too small. Hence the Squamingos. *Sigh.*

Wardrobe By Me Wardrobe Builder T-shirt with flamingos

I used Wardrobe By Me’s Wardrobe-Builder T-shirt pattern. It’s a fitted t-shirt with several variations for necklines, lengths, hem shapes, sleeves, and even optional side-ruching — truly a versatile pattern:

Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 1.57.49 PM

I am so used to patterns turning out much bigger than the size charts would suggest that I cut out size 2,... [read more]