You know those folks that stand with clipboards on the street trying to ask you questions and get you to sign up to direct debits? We call them Chuggers in the UK i.e charity muggers. Do you also do an amazing dance as you try to get away from them? For a long time I’d claim I was only 17 so they couldn’t ask me any questions or ask me for money. I kind of had to stop doing that once my wrinkles became a bit too obvious.

Anyway one day when I was a student I was too hungover to think of a decent excuse (I was a student therefore being hungover was pretty standard). She beckoned me into a darkened room and what followed was the best hangover cure ever. I was given umpteen chocolate bars to taste and give my verdict. And if that wasn’t enough I was then given a goodie bag of chocolate to take home with me.

From that day forth I’ve been far more open to strange... [read more]