Here’s this weekend’s sewing plan:

  1.  Attach a buckle to the red pattern-testing dress, which will complete it.  Here are my options [just arrived], I veer towards the little rhombus, which is supposed to clip into the white frame…but I don’t like that]
  2. Then I want to fix by lovely Vogue#1405 dress.  The hem went all droopy, starting before it went in the wash, and exacerbated by it.  It was originally levelled off neatly like the lining/slip, honest- Look at this horror!
  3. Finish the clockwork skirt, nice and easy
  4. Unpick and resew the waistband on my Shrek trousers!
  5. IF all that gets done, I have several more goodies waiting to be started, including 2 corsets and a Ziggi jacket.

Watch this space!