macrame mason jar planter -

Of all the current craft trends spotted in the homes of hipsters, two of the most popular are mason jars and macrame. Mmm… why not create a lovely project using them both? You know, a macrame/mason jar merger. (Sorry, English major here. Alliterations turn me on.) 

If you’re new to the art of macrame, don’t worry. This little project – my Don’t Be Square planter – is not difficult, and I’ve formatted it in an easy-to-follow tutorial. It consists mainly of Square Knots (hence the name.)

Supplies needed:

  • one 6″ gold metal ring (or even a short dowel rod or a piece of driftwood as I’ve used here)
  • 10strands of macrame cord, measuring 10 feet each
  • 1 mason jar

step 1

Cut rope into 10 pieces, each 10 feet long. Tie the cords onto the ring or dowel, using the Lark’s Head Knot (see tutorial here.) I’m making this planter as a gift for a vacation friend, so I thought it... [read more]