Reconstructing History #1031, 1910s Peplum Skirt.

Clock fabric from Dunelm Mill, quite pricey [£10/m] AND I had to go back for more as I didn’t buy enough the first time round.  Poop.

It’s beige, which of course isn’t very me, but it’s a lovely weight, rather linen-like in texture, and, well, I dunno, it hooked me.  Must have at that price!

When I realised I hadn’t bought enough, I thought I’d make one of the peplums [pepla?] in a contrast, but I still couldn’t squeeze even one out.  Sigh.

I decided to add a dash of colour by lining the peplumumumums too, even though the pattern doesn’t call for it, so I rummaged, and came up with this:

Oddly, despite the fabric registering as ‘beige’ to me, the best colour matches seem to be a minky/grey brown, and a stone colour.  I think the gold lifts it nicely.  I may also use it to cover some buttons for the front... [read more]