Life is more fun when you break a few rules, right? I love my wardrobe colour palette, but every once in a while it’s nice to break out of it and try something new.

For example, every winter I get lured in by the cosy reds and plaids, and end up with a winter wardrobe that doesn’t match my typical palette.

winter reds Collage

There are a few keys to making this mini-collection work:

  • Everything goes with black leggings and black boots, because in winter, I’m stuck wearing my snow boots all day, every day!
  • I’ve got cardigans and scarves in red, forest green and dark grey. When the winter dresses get packed away, so do those wintery accessories!
  • Seasonal make-up! I’m suuuuuper pale in winter, and dark coloured clothing makes me look even paler, so I roll with it by avoiding all orangey-coral blush or lipstick, and going for mauves and dark plums instead.

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