kitchen makeover -

If nothing about the kitchen in this photo excites you, you’re not alone. Well, if some freshly made banana pudding was on the counter, then maybe… nah, forget it. Everything about this kitchen is dismal. And this is what we inherited when we bought our beach condo in Florida this year. A sea of beige.

kitchen makeover -

Beige floors, beige walls, beige countertops. Time to pull out the beige hammer and do some remodeling!

You can read more about our full condo renovation here, but for now I’m just going show off our kitchen face-lift.


The biggest project we took on was replacing the beige tile throughout the condo. I selected a beautiful Italian porcelain plank tile with the look of driftwood colored hardwood. I decided to buy the tile myself and to pay a contractor for labor only to install it. You can find this wood plank tile in a variety of price ranges, but I ended... [read more]