Hello there! I’ve only been sewing a couple of years and I haven’t had a lot of success sewing dresses for myself. (Several will never see the outside of my sewing room!) However, I was cautiously optimistic when I came across UK-based Sew Me Something and the lovely Helena dress. I even had the same mustard washed linen used on the pattern picture in my stash, which I thought looked wonderful. I’ve also since made it in a printed polyester, with shorter sleeves and no pockets, for a different look.

Pattern Name: Helena by Sew Me Something

Size range: The size range runs from a size 8 to 22, that’s 32″/26″/35″ up to 46″/41″/49″.

What size did you make: I made a straight size 20.

What are your measurements, height & body type: My measurements are  44″/38″/48″, putting me pretty much bang on the size 20. I’m 5’6, a pear with narrow shoulders and... [read more]