I watched everyone in blogosphere flaunting their bras over the last couple of years – I was seriously impressed at the skills and wanted to try my hand at this handmade lingerie thing too. However I was either pregnant, breastfeeding or too fucking tired to attempt anything so complicated. 

Once the baby started sleeping at night I began to be intimidated by the whole bra thing and kept making excuses why I wasn’t joining the handmade bra party.

Then Mr King (the lovely man) got me the Madalynne Simplicity Bra sewing pattern for Christmas- 8229.

Running out of excuses!

And yet it’s still taken me to April to attempt making a bra!

Shopping for bra bits

Reading the list of notions on the back of the pattern is scary. I could have gone to a bricks and mortar shop but I had a feeling there wouldn’t be much choice in Edinburgh. Instead I went looking for a kit – I... [read more]